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Our Collection

We are committed to providing the most popular and cutting-edge modern art deco for customers all over the world. LuxuryMore always stands in the perspective of constantly meeting customer needs and improve our product classification. At present, we have more than 80 self-operated and cooperative factories to provide us with the following 12 categories of products.

Custom Made Service

In order to better meet project requests and present a better project effect, we provide professional customization services for all our art deco products.

Product Range: Sculpture, Furniture, Lighting, Painting, Textile...

Design: We offer more than 1000 kinds of the most popular styles for customer reference, We can also custom made a design 100% according to the designer’s drawings or photo

Materials: We tend to recommend high-quality materials variety for a custom made art deco product in order to achieve a high-quality presentation.

Size: The size of each customized product will be produced 100% strictly in accordance with the designer’s requirements.


Recent Projects

Unlike other art decoration suppliers, LuxuryMore's products are more abundant and more modern in style. In our store, you can find almost everything you need for home decorating. For hotels and other projects, we also provide high-end customization services.

 1-Pu Yue · Clear valley Hotel

 2-Hongtai Star Express Hotel, Zhoukou City

 3-New accommodation in The upper col

 4-Jinan Apartment Hotel, Shandong

 5-Sitting room

 6-Marble apartment in Chisinau, Moldova

 7-Half Moon Mountain Spa Town Apartment

 8-Addison Hotel, Sanya

 9-IBIS Shangpin, Beijing City

10-Luneng Lingxiu,Jinan City

11-Huayi Hotel,Haikou City

12-Wanda Hotel Kunming, Yunnan City

13-Park Hyatt Sun Bay,Sanya City

14-Intercontinental Hotel ,Hefei City

15- Wuji Jinling Hotel,Nanjing City

16-Ascott Hotel, Capital of HNA ,Haikou City

17-Cycling Commune Hotel ,Jiande City

18-Xixi Boutique Home Stay Hotel, Hangzhou

19-Qingpu Yaduo light residence,Shanghai City

20-Doubletree Hilton  Airport,Shenzhen City

21-Hilton Nanhai Hotel Shekou ,Shenzhen City

22-Japanese Izakaya, Shanghai Dance

23-Wanda Jinhua Hot Spring Hotel,Danzhai City

24-Wanda Vista Resort, Xishuangbanna City

25-Chongming Hyatt Regency Jinmao,Shanghai

26-Binjiang Metropolis Sales Office,Beijing City

27-New Adidas Office ,Shanghai City

28-Sales office of Xinli Family,Nanchang City

29-Xizi International Renshu Hospital,Hangzhou

30-Xinhua Star Office Building Project,Chengdu

31-Shanying International Office,Shanghai

32-Nextev User Experience Center,Xian

33-Cofco sales office

34-Bund Shiguang high-end hotpot,Shanghai

35-V-show Concept Store,Shanghai City

36-Hot springs,Tianjin City

37-Xinghui Square,Chengdu City

38-Resources City Run Fu club,China

39-Hongqi Valley Club,Dalian City

40-Tianyue Xishan Club,Beijing

Our Customers

We attach great importance to the relationship between customers and us and always put meeting customer needs first. Continuous innovation and continuous creation of new works help us get a better reputation.

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